World Mission Broadcast Partners with WordAction to Launch New Media

In support of the mission of the Church of the Nazarene to “make Christlike disciples in the nations,” World Mission Broadcast (WMB) has partnered with WordAction to deliver the Reflecting God devotional series in a new media format. [Read More]

Power in Puerto Rico

Nestled between the central mountain range of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea to the south is the city of Ponce, where every Monday afternoon Pastor Hector Corraliza reminds his listeners that En Jesucristo Esta El Poder “In Jesus Christ Is Power”. [Read More]

Brian Utter Joins World Mission Broadcast Team in Kansas City

Brian and his wife Lynne are on a specialized assignment with World Mission Broadcast (WMB) to ensure the effective and efficient global development, delivery, and utilization of WMB radio and television resources and programming. [Read More]