Presenting The Truth in a Whole New Way

La Plena aims to deliver the truth of Christ in fun and reflective ways. [Read More]

Voz del Sur Unites and Impacts a City for Christ

Pastor Roberto Rubén Concia began transmitting a radio program 2 years ago from a small storage room above of the sanctuary of his church. Today, the pastor runs the only Christian radio station in his city that is approved by the government. [Read More]

From the Ashes: A Voice in the Amazon

Radio Olímpica 97.7 FM in Tena, Ecuador, is a secular radio station that encourages and facilitates many educational, cultural, and community activities that contribute to the development of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. [Read More]

Partnership Between Africa and South America Regions Prepares World Mission Broadcast's 32nd Language

Dje da zu? Don’t be frightened. When read correctly, it says, “What’s Next?” in the Fang (fawn) language. [Read More]

South American World Mission Broadcast Coordinators Gather for Summit

Pilar, Argentina – Recently WMB national coordinators gathered from around South America for their annual communications summit.
[Read More]

Construction Continues on Brazil Communication Center

The new Brazil communications center is providing a huge step forward for the communications ministry of our denomination. [Read More]

Television Makes In-Roads Throughout Northern Brazil

When Pastor Rubens Rodrigues was recently given the opportunity of free television airtime, he jumped at the chance. [Read More]

Church Plant Uses Radio to Reach Their Community

The Dios Es Nuestra Fortaleza (God Is Our Strength) Church of the Nazarene in the Buenos Aires suburb of Adolfo Sourdeaux recently celebrated its second anniversary. [Read More]

A Beacon Illuminates Uruguay with the Message of Hope

El Faro “The Lighthouse)” is one of the radio ministries that World Mission Broadcast (WMB) supports in Uruguay. [Read More]

WMB Helps Open Pioneer Work in Peru

Pastor Freddy Zapata and his family are national missionaries sponsored by the Peruvian Church of the Nazarene. [Read More]