Mysterious Ways

Eight years ago when I came to work with World Mission Broadcast (WMB), I was astounded by stories like these. The “mystery” of how messages heard over “airwaves” could change a life intrigued me…baffled me really. [Read More]

Planting the Seed

There exists in all men the uncultivated seed of faith…placed there by God himself. The soul, exposed to the Word of God, can germinate, be nurtured, and bear fruit. [Read More]

Arabic Television Program Debuts

After a year of planning, praying and producing, World Mission Broadcast in the Middle East premiered the first-ever Nazarene television show on SAT-7, the largest Christian satellite channel in the Middle East November 9. [Read More]

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

As I write this, Christmas is just a few days away. I wonder when the first Christmas was celebrated, if they could have envisioned the Christmases of today. [Read More]

Where are we going?

I’ve been thinking recently about where things are going. Our media landscape has radically changed with the recent surge of new technologies and social media innovations. [Read More]

Tremendous Opportunities in Economic Stress

With the United States and Canada being officially declared a world region for the Church of the Nazarene, the door is now wide open for World Mission Broadcast to expand broadcast efforts, on your behalf, into this fertile mission field. [Read More]

Two Passions

She walked up to the exhibit booth in ethnic dress and inquired, “Are you the broadcast people?” [Read More]

The Power of a Minute

Life can change in a minute. 9:02am, April 19, 1995…9:03am, September 11, 2001, at 9:03am…minutes locked in infamy that changed lives forever. [Read More]

Proclaiming TO the Rooftops

From the time before Jesus and continuing through today, when someone in the Middle East wanted to share news with others, he or she would climb to their roof to shout in a booming voice to anyone who would listen. [Read More]

Lost jobs. Lost Hope. Lost dreams.

It’s the reality of today’s economic crisis. From Beijing to Boston...from Beirut to Buenos Aires, families, governments and businesses are feeling the impact of the current recession. [Read More]

Technology Around the World, Part 2

Standing on the commuter train in an Asia-Pacific country, a missionary tried to start a conversation with another woman nearby. [Read More]

Technology Around the World, Part 1

In Brazil, families along the Amazon River listen to radio programs on radios powered with car batteries. [Read More]

WMB: Beyond Borders and Barriers

Juan Carlos sits in his damp prison cell, pulling pieces of loose paint from the walls. He contemplates his regrets of bad choices. [Read More]