The Highest Call

What a Thai soldier dreamed would be a fulfilling career protecting his country’s king, turned out to be anything but. [Read More]

Nazarene Youth Offer A "Better Solution" in Timor Leste

If you were visiting Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste, on a Saturday or Sunday evening, you might see (hear) a number of youth tuned into one of their favorite radio stations, 89.5 FM. [Read More]

More Than Words Coming to U.S.A

Twenty-six new episodes are in production for the Arabic-language Nazarene program that debuted on a Christian TV channel in the Middle East last fall. [Read More]

"Real Love" Reaches Beyond Community Boundaries

World Mission Broadcast Thai program Real Love has been on the air since 2005 in the Kannayao area, a community that is both nominally Buddhist and Muslim, and home of Bangkok First Church of the Nazarene.
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Accessing the Gospel to the Unserved

When we think of crossing boarders, we often think geographically. In the past, geographical barriers were very real, but today cultural or relational obstacles can be the most challenging barriers to overcome. [Read More]

WMB Spotlight: Jordan Escusa ? Because Only Dead Fish Swim With The Current

Jordan Escusa is a youth pastor and WMB radio host and producer in Taytay, Philippines. Recently he spoke with WMB about his ministry.
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WMB Spotlight: Daniel Ekka ? Touching the Untouched, Reaching the Unreached in Papua New Guinea

Pastor Daniel Ekka is the radio director for World Mission Broadcast in Papua New Guinea. This is his story in his words. [Read More]

Airwaves of Healing and Hope

Sudden illness stole everything from Mansueto Tampayan, a family man, father of three, and a hard-working farmer from T’boli, South Cotabato, Philippines. [Read More]

Tongan Youth on Fire

Maria Kim is a 16 year-old missionary kid (MK) currently serving in Tonga. She lives with her parents and family in Nuku'alofa. [Read More]

Village Chief Comes to the Lord Through Radio in Papua New Guinea

Neme is the chief of his village in the Chimbu Province of Papua New Guinea. He owns a small trade store. [Read More]

WMB Spotlight: Awake With the Angels

World Mission Broadcast (WMB) has the unique ability to go where many times “the church” often cannot. [Read More]