Mujer Valiosa

Mujer ValiosaTelevisión Nacional Evangélica (TNE) of Chile, recently signed a broadcast agreement to air the World Mission Broadcast (WMB) Spanish television ministry Mujer Valiosa "The Valued Woman". TNE broadcasts to more than 60 cities across Chile, covering the majority of the country on the VTR cable system. TNE's purpose is to present television with high moral values. They want to be a real option in the cultural and entertainment world.

Pastor Patricio Huanca, WMB national coordinator, made contact with TNE's program manager, Patricio Cisternas, who signed the broadcast agreement to air Mujer Valiosa beginning March 2011. Cisternas says, "We are happy and excited with the signing of this agreement. All that blesses and gives the things of the kingdom of God will be made available to our Chilean public."

The agreement includes not only Mujer Valiosa but also The 21 Laws of Leadership, produced by WMB SAM during the visit of John Maxwell to Argentina, and the film From the Dark.

This is not a channel aimed at "tele-preaching"…far from it. Their hope as a Christian media outlet is to impact pro-social behaviors through the content.

TNE meets the needs of nearly three million people in the country professing Christianity. "For WMB this is a breakthrough, because this is the first time we are using television in Chile," says Huanca. "This is a great blessing, not only for the evangelical world, but to all who seek God."

(Buenos Aires, Argentina) Hispanic Family Network Aliento Visión also recently signed a broadcast agreement to air Mujer Valiosa and From the Dark. Aliento Visión is a Christian television network focused on strengthening the family and society through balanced programming with enriching segments specialized to the women, men, young peoplev and children.

Aliento Visión is based in New York City, and – as of November 2010 – can be seen throughout the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and other Latin American countries.

- World Mission Broadcast South America

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