The Amazon River, 62 Cities, 32,000 Tribal Communities...One Boat!

The Amazon River has 62 cities along it's banks - only 10 are accessible by car...for the rest, you need a boat.  Within these 62 cities, more than 32,000 tribal communities exist. In a desire to reach the people living here, World Mission Broadcast (WMB) plans to air radio programs from the Church of the Nazarene's Amazon River Boat. 

This alternative, portable radio station will help make connections with the people who reside along the river. You see, in the Amazon the communities police themselves, so it is dangerous for the boat to pull up to a shore where a connection or relationship isn't established. As WMB sends out one-way communications via this floating radio station, and perhaps with them waving us over as a two-way communication, we can connect these people to the Gospel.

In addition to airing evangelical programs, WMB's broadcasts will included information about medical clinics being sponsored through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and will help promote JESUS film showings.

This is a new ministry for WMB and is yet another way we are using communications technology (in this case radio) to touch the lives of people we might not reach otherwise, like the people living along the Amazon River.

Pray for the ministry of the Amazon River Radio Boat, that the necessary equipment and details will fall into place and our "alternative river radio station" can begin broadcasting soon.


--World Mission Communications

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