WMB SAM Report: The Light of the World (Wide Web)

Pedro Lorenzo has found a way to implement in his own life the Great Commission strategy that Jesus outlined in Acts 1:8.

As team leader for the Uruguay Nazarene radio program, El Faro (?The Lighthouse?), Pedro has taken to heart Jesus' concise strategy for world evangelism: start in Jerusalem, then move out to Judea, Samaria and to all the world.

Broadcasting from the city of Tacuarembó, El Faro is heard each week on Radio Tiempo 101.7 FM, which is the most listened to secular radio station in the city, and also reaches a large portion of northern Uruguay.

Pedro recently shared with us about his ?Jerusalem.? No, it isn't the city of Tacuarembó, but rather the studios of Radio Tiempo. Through his weekly broadcasts, Pedro has been able to build a relationship with the radio operator, Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos recently accepted Jesus and is now part of the Church of the Nazarene. He is working with the North Uruguay district in Web site development.

Pedro's Judea and Samaria are Tacuarembó and the surrounding towns and villages. Recently, Pedro received a text message from a man named Alexander who said, ?El Faro was the light that guided me to Christ.? Alexander listens from another area of Northern Uruguay. He grew up attending church, but was away from the Lord for years. He has returned to church and is a faithful listener to the El Faro program.

Pedro says he is working on reaching ?all the world? by broadcasting El Faro on the Internet. He says, ?We believe that God has put in our hearts to share His message and raise it up on a Web site. Carlos, a new person rescued by Christ, is helping us to be ?His witnesses' in the world.?

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