Mujer Valiosa TV: Listener Reactions and Ministry Responses

?I want to know God. I have acted very badly and I want to know if it is possible for me to come to God.? RC, 21 Ecuador

?I am married and have many marital problems. My husband has left me with all the responsibilities and I am alone.? JF, 26 Venezuela

These are comments received from viewers of Mujer Valiosa (The Valued Woman) TV - World Mission Broadcast South America's new television program. Mujer Valiosa launched in April 2007 in 12 Latin countries on more than 200 television stations. As of July 2007, the ministry is reaching 20 countries and continues to add affiliates to the already 1,000 stations airing the program.

Mujer Valiosa TV is a program designed to reach a post-modern secular culture by providing an entertaining experience while discussing moral issues from a Christian perspective. The program includes segments on cooking and home decorating, while tackling issues such as phobias, plastic surgery and money management.

The program is available through several satellite networks. ?I received the first season of MVTV in the mail and was overwhelmed. They really are as the title says ?valued?. The program honors the life and work of ladies as valued women.? Benito Aycaya, Director, Pacifico Television, Lima, Peru.

--World Mission Communications

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