Radio Jerusalem finally receives broadcasting license

After a long 12-year process, Pastor Elena Campos and the Los Campamentos Church of the Nazarene are celebrating being granted a legal radio license from the Argentina government. Radio Jerusalem is the only radio station in the area and has been operating for years on a temporary license.

Radio Jerusalem has also been granted permission to increase its current power output from 50 watts to 300 watts. A special gift of a new transmitter has been provided by a generous donor. This will expand the coverage area to include 24 more communities.

The town of Los Campamentos is one of many towns surrounded by vineyards in the western province of Mendoza. Pastor Elena says, ?In our community the workers are the harvest. During the months of January, February and March, when thousands of vineyard workers are busy harvesting grapes, peaches and olives, they will now be able to hear the Gospel.?

Radio Jerusalem is a full service community radio station providing the only local media connection in this section of Mendoza.


--World Mission Communications

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