World Mission Broadcast South America Launches Three New Radio Ministries

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Ballester Church of the Nazarene in conjunction with the Argentina Central District and World Mission Broadcast South America recently launched a new cutting edge radio program for a post-modern world. “Poné Primera” (First Gear) airs weekday mornings at 7 on Radio General San Martín AM 610, which covers the greater Buenos Aires area.

“In Buenos Aires, AM radio has a huge audience. It is extremely rare for an evangelical ministry to have an opportunity like this to reach the entire capital city of more than 13 million people. This time slot is amazing, literally millions of people are beginning their morning rush hour commute,” say Rev. Brian Utter, Regional Communications Coordinator.

“Poné Primera” is hosted by Juan Manuel Fernandez and includes dozens of professional guests from the Central district, such as Doctors, Lawyers and Psychologists. “This program is creating a personal relationship of trust with the listener, who is tuning in during their ride to work,” say Fernandez. Listeners tune in to hear the latest sports results, national and international news and traffic and weather reports.

Short evangelical and social messages produced at the regional communications center are also a part of a pre-evangelism strategy to reach a post-modern urban audience.

Jaén, Peru – The Alto Marañón district re-focuses and expands an already successful radio ministry. With a recent new change, format change and new frequency, the radio ministry “Conquistando” (Overcoming) aims to reach beyond traditional programming to reach an unchurched audience. Let by team leader and host, Romaín Sosa, the ministry recently re-launched on Radio Selecta 105.1 FM.

“We have incorporated many attractive aspects to reach with a larger impact. A large number of motorcycle taxi drivers are tuning in as they take passengers around the city,” says Sosa.

Sosa heard from the WMB National Coordinator in Ecuador, Marcos Bereche that the new frequency has reached into the southern part of Ecuador. A huge audience is new tuning in from the city of Chota.

Neuquén, Argentina – Nazarene churches around the city of Neuquén in Southern Argentina have joined to launched a new radio ministry, “Construyendo Destinos” (Building Destinies) on Northern Patagonia district. Led by the husband and wife pastoral team of Daniel Basualdo and Andrea Malca, the program is heard on Sunday afternoons at 2:30.

“This has been our first opportunity to have a local presence in the city of Neuquén (the largest city in Southern Argentina with a growing population of over ½ million), says Utter. “We are expecting great things and the churches are already seeing the results.”
The strategy of World Mission Broadcast South America is to not only produce professional programs at the regional level, but to use local media ministries to impact their communities for Christ. These three ministries join more than 50 more that are making a difference for the kingdom.

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