Hope in Medellin Taxi

"It is a joy to serve God and to see His Word arrive to change lives.

Cristina is a 35 year-old woman from Medellín. Her fiancé Alexis, is an attorney specializing in legal medicine.

A few months ago Cristina was diagnosed with breast cancer and Alexis felt very distressed, so much so that the man who was driving the taxi noticed his preoccupation. He opened his heart and the young taxi driver told him that on the radio he had listened to a testimony of a woman that God healed from cancer.

The testimony was mine.

So the taxi driver told him about the radio program, La Hora Nazarena, and put them in contact with us. It was a true joy to meet them and to be able to understand this woman and to pray with them.

Alexis told me before it cost him to believe in God but through Cristina's situation her fiancé realizes that God is real. What joy to know that in a taxi people can hear of God's love."

Pastor Angela Caicedo
Host of La Hora Nazarena - A World Mission Broadcast radio call-in program
Medellín, Colombia
March 2007

--World Mission Communications

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