Life of Drama - Nelly's Story

For years she looked for help and never obtained it. One time she even confessed to her mother about her father's abuse, but met a response of denial.

"Nelly had suffered for many years at the hands of her abusive father. A young adult now, she had lived a life of drama full of pain. Some months ago she listened to our radio program by chance," shares Romaín Sosa, leader of Génesis, a World Mission Broadcast radio program in Jaén, Peru.

"We had the opportunity of meet with her and saw her terrified face. We recognized that this is a person full of fears, tension and complexities and asked permission to find out the reason for those characteristics. Through God working, Nelly told us everything."

Rev. Romaín and his wife counseled Nelly, with God's help. On December 27 th, she received Jesus in her heart and has decided to attend the Church of the Nazarene. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Nelly, Rev. Romaín, his wife, and all the listeners of the Génesis program who tune in, even if by chance, and find the answer to this life's pain?Jesus.

--World Mission Communications

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