Mujer Valisoa TV

WMB South America prepares to begin film production of Mujer Valiosa (The Valued Woman) for television.

Friday, August 25 th and Saturday, August 26 th the WMB team will two pilot episodes of the first weekly television program targeting the Latin Woman. This new television endeavor will be co-hosted by Mrs. Liliana Radi, Mrs. Marcela Favatier, and Mrs. Robin Brunson, with special guest Mrs. Hilda Laffitte. Mrs. Laffitte will be a regular contributor to the program in the area of interior design and crafting.

The first demo will include special guest, Dr. Maria Elena Mamaream, Psychologist and Director of EIRENE, a counseling ministry to families. The second demo will include special guest, Dr. Pedro Depoian, plastic surgeon and evangelical pastor.

The program will include several segments built around the staging of a house. Interviews and chats will take place in a living room set. The kitchen will host invited guest preparing cuisine from all of Latin America. Chef Alejandro Diaz will be the guest chef for the first program. The workshop is Hilda's domain, where she will be creating practical interior design items helping women decorate a house or to sell as a small business. The entrance to the house will serve as the opening monologue and final thoughts to each program.

Mujer Valiosa TV has already been cleared on several satellite television networks for next year. This new ministry will be presented at the annual COICOM conference this October in El Salvador. The production schedule includes the distribution of 12 episodes every six months.

Rev. Brian Utter is the Executive Producer, Rev. Myriam Pozzi is the Producer and Mr. Carlos Felizzola is the Director. For more information contact brian@esperanza.net.


--World Mission Communications

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