Bolivian Listener's Search

?A listener named Juan Pablo called us asking that we come visit him in his house because he had been having suicidal thoughts. He found our radio program curiously searching for music. He was tuning into whatever he could find and without knowing, he found us and began to listen.

He shared with us that when he listened to us, he saw that we were very happy. He began listening in the morning and kept listening and began to like the music and worship. He told us that sometimes he would listen to many radio stations, but what has impacted him the most is when he listened to the WMB material on suicide. It really got through to him that life does have value and his life does matter to someone that loves him very much and His name is Jesus.

He was so astonished by the happiness that he felt that it moved him to call us and ask us to visit his home. So we sent one of our team members to fulfill this assignment to pray with Juan Pablo.

We found out that he lives a lonely life. He lives with his father who has wanted nothing to do with him since his mother's death when he was 12 years old. He felt the need to have someone who actually cares about him. He had some friends, but after the fun was over they left and again he felt emptiness. He works for a messenger service company, but feels alone and depressed saying his life is boring. Brother Moisés from our team prayed with him and shared from God's word. Today Juan Pablo decided to attend a nearby Church of the Nazarene in Villa Adela El Alto.?

Shared by Raul Chipana
Leader of WMB Program ?Levantando Vuelo? (Taking Flight) in La Paz, Bolivia

Pray for Juan Pablo and our WMB South American team as they work together to help him find the answers his searching heart desires...answers that can be found in knowing Jesus.

--World Mission Communications

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