A Heart Reached

We Reached the Heart and Saved a Life was the show's title that night on WMB's El Faro radio program. The subject was abortion. ?We talked about the value of life, from fertilization to our responsibility and the love of God,? said program host, Rev. Jesús Bernat.

?Three days had passed since the program when I met Claudia. Her belly was just beginning to show signs of pregnancy. What surprised me most was her face, radiating peace with a beautiful smile. She thanked me for the program from the previous Friday and told me it was the key to keeping the life of her baby.

She thanked us for the breath and impulse of life and the advice full of hope that had been spilled over the airwaves. Now she has love and respect for God as the owner of life. Claudia had the intention to abort, but that is now a thing of the past. We thank God for using ?El Faro? to rescue a life from the stormy waters of uncertainty.?

From Rev. Jesús Bernat leader of the WMB Program ?El Faro? (The Lighthouse)
Tacuarembó, Uruguay





--World Mission Communications

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