Integrating Completely Into the Church

Nely Susana is from Zaragoza, Spain and a listener to World Mission Broadcast's program The Valued Woman. In August 2005 Nely emailed our South America team of broadcast follow-up counselors and said ?I want to know and to integrate myself completely to the church.?

The counselor responded to Nely immediately as well as giving her contact information to Rev. Carlos Fernandez, the District Superintendent of Spain.

Rev. Fernandez, in coordination with the pastor of the Zaragoza Church, began communicating with Nely. On Oct. 4, 2005 Rev. Fernandez shared this update with our South American team:

?Mrs. Nely Susana and her family are attending our church in Zaragoza. The other day we met her personally when we dedicated and organized the new church. She is a new associate member.?

To this we say Praise the Lord!

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