An Opportunity to Begin Again

Ida, a single mother from Peru, contacted the World Mission Broadcast (WMB) South America follow-up team via their website after listening to a WMB radio program. Through the website she was counseled and accepted Christ. Almost a year after that counseling session she sent in this note:

?I must tell you that I have kept your first email because it played a very important part in the beginning of my Christian life. I am proud to say that October 26, 2005 will mark one year to be with Christ, the promise of being a new creature and living daily transformed by Him.?

Ida went on to say that she has become involved in her local church leading a small children's group and an adult group. She shares:

?It gives me great joy to be able to help. Now I know why everything I have lived through in this world is for a purpose. Now I can say to people who are suffering that I understand their pain. That there exists a God that freed me, that cured me and that transformed my life. He is the only one that gave me a second opportunity to begin again, but this time with Him.?

--World Mission Communications

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