Broken marriages, broken lives…
South American listeners reach out in search of hope.

“Recently I found out that my husband, after 5 years of marriage and 7 years of dating, has been cheating during the last six months with the wife of his boss. I am really confused and depressed; full of hatred from the deception and spite. I don’t want to withdraw away from God because of this, but I don’t understand why He would allow this to happen to me.”
SV, 32 Ecuador

“SV” wrote the above plea in May of 2005 to our team of Nazarene broadcasters in South America. In search of answers in the midst of one of life’s most painful situations, she reached out via E-mail for counsel after listening to WMB’s radio program “Mujer Valiosa”... and, our broadcast ministers were there offering hope and the Word of God.

Brian Utter, Regional Communications Coordinator for South America, heads a team of highly dedicated individuals whose passion is for the people of their region to find wholeness in Christ. To that end, they have established a very effective E-mail follow-up system for the multiple radio broadcasts currently airing on the region.

Below are just a few of the many listener E-mails received during the month of May 2005. As Utter shared, “This month we have received numerous needs regarding broken marriages. Please pray specifically that God will work in the lives of these people and for us as we offer counsel.”

“I am pleading with you to pray for my spiritual life, that the Lord renew my marriage and destroy the chains that are in my life. The Lord has given me the opportunity for my husband to return to me. He has been living in London. I want the Lord to heal my soul, my heart, my life, please pray for me.”
AL, 32 Peru

“I want to greet you and thank you for your radio program “The Valued Woman.” It has been such a blessing for my life. For many years I have attended the Church of the Nazarene. Today, I learned from your program that I need to not only speak during my prayers, but to also listen for the voice of God. I want you know that I have put your teaching into practice and I am listening.”
CA, El Salvador

“It is wonderful that I can send you a message. Thank you God. My need is that I desire to know more of God and how I can remain faithful to Him. Also, how do I live a life pleasing to God together with my girlfriend?”
JP, 20 Peru

--World Mission Communications

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