“A Way Back” World Mission Broadcast South America
Prepares to Launch Second Compassionate Ministries Partnership

Buenos Aires, Argentina – World Mission Broadcast (WMB) South America will be launching during the month of June a special week long series on addictions entitled, “Camino de Vuelta” (A Way Back). After the successful partnership last year with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries South America on the “Vivir con SIDA” (Living with AIDS) series, this second endeavor tackles the social and spiritual consequences that additions create and offers the listener a “way back” to the hope of a new life in Jesus Christ.

Using actual personal testimonies from lives destroyed by the addictions of alcoholism, pornography, gambling and drugs, the programs show how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, professional treatment and the support of church and family can give the hopeless “a way back.” Medical doctors, psychologists and counselors offer insight into aspects of:

The Personality of an Addict
How to Restore a Family Destroyed by Addictions
The Mechanism of Dependency
Treatment Information

Dr. Luis Meza, South America Compassionate Ministries Regional Coordinator, concludes the series on the restoration of personal value and how the local church is a place of support and the only avenue by which to find “a way back” to a new life in Jesus Christ.

“We had such a tremendous response from the last series that we are now planning at least two partnerships every year with Compassionate Ministries,” say Rev. Brian Utter, South America Regional Communications Coordinator. This November WMB South America will offer as a resource to radio a special series for the international week highlighting violence against women.

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--World Mission Communications

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