Medellin, Colombia

Angela Caicedo is the 24-year old pastor of a Nazarene church in Medellin, Colombia. Her daily radio program “La Hora Nazarena” (meaning the Nazarene Hour) is having a tremendous impact on her community.

Recently inmates at one of the larger prisons in the area asked the warden if he would invite Pastor Caicedo to preach in their chapel service. After she did, it was reported that “hundreds” of people accepted Christ.

The church in Medellin has grown to over 200 members with indications that the ministry of this pastor and church could easily swell to several hundred or even thousands of people.

In the midst of the tremendous response to the Gospel that the church in Medellin is witnessing, Pastor Caicedo has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her, the church and the follow-up efforts for those who come to know the Lord through the church and the pastor’s radio ministry.

Story submitted by Rev. Brian Utter
Broadcast Coordinator – World Evangelism Broadcast
WM Communications South America

Update: On September 13, 2002, Rev. Utter sent in this report on Pastor Angela’s health:

“Her cancer has responded well to the non-surgical treatment and no surgery is planned at this time. We praise the Lord for His healing touch and ask that you continue to pray for Pastor Angela and her ministry.”

--World Mission Communications

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