Listener Testimonies from Stereo Bienestar
Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala

Stereo Bienestar, a radio station located on the patio of the Puerto Barrios Church of the Nazarene in Guatemala celebrated its first anniversary in December 2002. The impact that this radio station is having on the Puerto Barrios community has been phenominal. Following are just 3 of the accounts received recently about listeners who lives have been changed for Christ after listening to the station’s programs.

I am 25 and a social work student. I have four siblings. When we were very young my parents took us to an evangelical church, but as we grew up we fell further away from the way of the Lord. Leaving the things of God brought bad consequences in our lives, the worst of which is that I have a brother in prison in Los Achiotes, Zacapa for killing a policeman. Before that problem my dad, in desperation and confusion, returned to his former life: drunk, gambler, heavy drinker. The power of God had brought him out of this situation, but Satan returned to tempt him.

I want to tell you that radio has helped us greatly, because that is where we have found strength. I have recorded several messages that I have taken to my brother and I am sure that he will soon return to the Lord. Thank you for blessing our lives with RADIO.

Karina Vásquez, Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala.

A couple (Noah and Rosa López) arrived one Friday night at the church in Puerto Barrios and asked to meet the pastor of the church and the presenter of the program “Communicating with God.” From the way they acted, we assumed they were Christians, but later they indicated that they were not believers but were faithful listeners to the radio station Stereo Bienestar and they had it playing all day long. The next day they came back with their two daughters and when the preacher gave the invitation to accept Jesus Christ, the whole family went forward.

German Picavea – MAC Region Radio Coordinator

Mr. Hugo Contreras came to the Church of the Nazarene of Puerto Barrios on Sunday, the 25th of August, and was converted in an evangelistic service of the campaign we had last week. When the pastor, Rev. Julio Gonzáles, talked with him, Mr. Contreras mentioned that he had been a leader in the Mormon Church, but through the broadcast of Stereo Bienestar, he felt strongly motivated to find the Church of the nazarene and give his life to Jesus. He also mentioned that in making this decision he is willing to face the problems that his association with the Mormon Church will bring. It’s worth facing the problems.

German Picavea – MAC Region Radio Coordinator

As the church’s annual pastoral report was prepared recently, the impact that the radio station has had was evaluated. The report shared the following aspects of the radio ministry which were considered very important:

- The church of the Nazarene of Puerto Barrios baptized and received 66 new members during 2002. This represents a 33% growth which is greater than any the church had previously experienced. They believe this growth can be explained by the many evangelistic radio programs that teach the message of Holiness, bring familiarity of the church to the listener who in turn finds an easy tie to the congregation.

- The church of the Nazarene on the Atlantic District considerably increased its ability to communicate with the congregations located in the areas of Puerto Barrios, Santo Tomas, Livingston and Champona by using the radio station to maintain contact with its members. This support from the radio is particularly important considering the station transmits 19 hours per day. A large majority of the members of the Church of the Nazarene that live in the area listen to radio, maintain contact with their church and church family, and receive information on activities and important announcements.

- The Church of the Nazarene has earned the respect among the Christian and non-Christian people of the region for sharing its beliefs and doctrine – both of which have been well received. A weekly Bible study based on the Spanish Sunday School curriculum (Sendero de la Verdad) is broadcast. Social interest items are discussed which helps make known the position of the Puerto Barrios church.

Humberto Teos Morales, Director Stereo Bienestar
March 2003

--World Mission Communications

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