Radio "Tree of Life" Impacts the Jungles of Northeastern Peru

While studying at the Nazarene Seminary in Chiclayo, Peru, Iladio Palacios was inspired by listening to Christian radio. This inspiration turned into a desire to use the medium of communications to evangelize the jungles of Peru. With the exceptions of some short-wave broadcasts, his home area of Moyobamba had no local radio. After finishing his studies in Chiclayo, Pastor Palacios returned to his home to begin his ministry in the local church. His desire to do radio was soon diminished when he realized the costs of a radio ministry.

While attending a Billy Graham conference in Lima, Iladio listened as a prominent Spanish broadcaster, Hermano Pablo, shared that all good work is the will of God. Pastor Palacios returned home and set out the plan of establishing a radio station in Moyobamba.

The local Church of the Nazarene in Soritoro accepted the plan with enthusiasm and they soon began the process of raising funds to purchase the equipment. The people of the Soritoro church prepared food to be sold, installed ceilings and planted rice. In two years time, the church had raised S/13,000 Soles or almost $500 to purchase a used transmitter and antenna.

On May 1st, 2001 the Church of the Nazarene in Soritoro began transmitting Radio "Tree of Life." The antenna is attached to one of the largest stalks of bamboo in Moyobamba. The radio staff broadcasts daily from 5am to 10pm with programs such as: Daybreak with God, Youth Meeting, Words of Hope, Youth in Contact and News of Great Joy.

The radio ministry of Pastor Palacios has become a light in the jungle of Moyobamba. The church is currently raising more funds to purchase a short-wave transmitter to reach more of the jungles of Peru. Reaching the unreached in the jungles of South America is Pastor Iladio's vision, passion and call.

- World Mission Communications

--World Mission Communications

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