”Help!” “We’ve Been Given a Radio Station… Now What?”

The Church of the Nazarene in Toledo, Uruguay has been given a community radio station. This generous gift from a local businessman is providing an exciting opportunity to impact his South American city for Christ.

Rev. Luis Rebagliatte and a team of laity from the Toledo Church of the Nazarene have been operating the station for four months. Recently, Rev. Rebagliatte and three people from his radio team participated in a radio workshop conducted by World Mission Broadcast-South America (WMB-SA).

WMB-SA is providing radio training throughout South America in a series of radio workshops. At present, workshops have been held in Bolivia (94 participants), Peru (51), Ecuador (40), Venezuela (85) and Argentina (26). Workshops have also been scheduled for Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile later this year. Brian Utter, Regional Broadcast Coordinator for South America, shared that 3 weeks before a recent workshop Pastor Luis emailed him with the news of this opportunity saying “Help! We’ve been given a radio station, now what?” WMB-SA is working closely with Rev. Rebagliatte to ensure this is an opportunity not wasted.

--World Mission Communications

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