South America Region Designates Day of Prayer and Fasting

World Evangelism Broadcast-South America is calling for a day of prayer and fasting on Friday, May 30th for this year’s World Evangelism Broadcast Offering.

Emails are pouring into the regional radio office from the radio teams of the Radio Esperanza Network. These are local Nazarene teams producing or planning radio ministries within the 10 countries on the South America Region.

Regional Broadcast Coordinator, Rev. Brian Utter, says, "We are creating these local teams to utilize radio throughout our region. These teams all know that the World Evangelism Broadcast Offering is our life-line; without this offering our ministries can't happen. So, not only are we promoting the offering in South America, but also praying for the offering worldwide during the month of June."

Members of the Radio Esperanza (Hope) Network from Ecuador to Argentina and Chile to Venezuela have sent it in their confirmations to be apart of this concentrated effort. "Radio is just one of the many evangelistic tools we use on the South America Region. We are taking the hope of Jesus to them, not waiting for them to come to us," says Rev. Utter.

--World Mission Communications

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