Radio Team Supports JESUS Film Campaigns in South America

Recording in a “make-shift styrofoam cabin studio” the South America Region’s radio team has recorded twelve 45-second radio spots to be used in publicizing the JESUS film campaigns. A CD containing the 12 “commercials” was presented recently to the area’s JESUS film coordinators who were very excited about this new tool according to Brian Utter, WM Communications South America Radio Coordinator. This first set of radio spots will help promote an area’s upcoming JESUS film campaign (which includes JESUS film showings, door-to-door evangelism using the Evangecube, and church planting – in coordination with nationals and field personnel).

Utter went on to report that while this was his team’s first official original recording project, they have already begun recording a follow-up CD that will include 12 more “commercials” promoting the newly planted church and Bible study groups or cell groups formed through the campaign.

Samples of these radio spots and a summary translation can be found on this web site by clicking on the “Broadcasts” tab.

--World Mission Communications

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