Electrical Pole Evangelism

Vista Serrana Church of the Nazarene is located in a small northeastern Brazilian desert town. It’s a poor community with no radio station. In response, the Brazilian government has created what is called “alternative radio” for towns such as this.

Instead of using a transmitter like most radio stations, the government installs powerful loudspeakers on electrical poles all around the town. The result is radio that works like a huge public address system. Unbelievably, the Vista Serrana Church of the Nazarene and its pastor, Antonia Lacerda, have been given the responsibility for programming this radio station.

Pastor Antonia shared recently with Brian Utter, radio coordinator for South America, about the people of his church who volunteer to work at the station. He also told about the town’s people and how they cluster around the poles to hear not only community news and events, but also the message of Jesus Christ.

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