A Call, An Answer

To whom can I go in time of need? To whom can I go in search of peace?…To Christ, where else could I go? These are the words of Luis Enrique Espinosa in his song, “To Whom Can I Go?”… It was 4:00 in the afternoon, and this was the first song included in the program, “Afternoons of Worship,” transmitted from the radio station “Faro Estéreo” (Lighthouse Radio) 101.9 FM in Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala.

In the small town of “Mojarritas,” just to the north of the city of Monjas, Heidi Vega was watering flowers in her garden. She was a 19-year old girl with a dark complexion, medium height, dark hair and brown eyes. She could not conceal the need she felt inside, and tears came to her eyes as she listened to the song on the radio. She told us that from that moment, she felt the Holy Spirit working in her life. Later, God guided the hands and thoughts of the DJ that afternoon to include, “Your Glance,” sung by Marcos Witt.

After several more minutes of music, Ruth Palma reflected on the sufferings of Christ at Calvary. Her scripture reference was Psalm 22:1 that says, “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”

Heidi tells us, “Many times in the midst of my problems, I thought that God had forsaken me and I asked, ‘God, why?’ But in her reflection, Ruth made me think about the suffering of Jesus on the cross and that mine were nothing compared to what He suffered because of me. I would have been ungrateful to not receive Him as my Lord and Savior. So when Ruth said that if anyone wanted to be reconciled to God, they should call the radio station, I could not resist. That afternoon of Tuesday, August 5, 2003, I was reconciled with my God.”

Now Heidi attends church, and she is grateful to God for providing the wonderful medium of radio, where through its programs, she found the Reason for living. Now she grows daily listening to the Word of her Lord: Jesus Christ. That whole afternoon, the phone at the radio station did not ring again. “We can be sure that single call was enough for us to be satisfied about our work that day,” shared Eden Zepeda, director of the station.

This is how God demonstrates His love for the people who, in their need, find the radio waves of the Lighthouse Radio.

- Submitted by Germán Picavea, World Mission Broadcast-

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