Radio Suburbania - Going to the Source

On April 5, 2003 at 10:00 am brother Martin Oporta arrived at the district office of the newly formed Nicaragua Southeast district to talk to the district superintendent and director of the “Jesus in Your Home” program, Rev. Feliciano Perez.

Radio Suburbania is located in Temperley, Argentina – a southern suburb of Buenos Aires. Radio Suburbania, FM96.3, is a secular rock station that targets the youth sub-culture - young adults whose priorities include drug addiction, prostitution and the heaviest of rock music.

Since May 1 of 2003 the program “En Tu Camino” (On Your Way) has aired Saturday nights at 11:00 p.m. Through a contact with the owner of the station, the Church of the Nazarene in Temperley was able to purchase this hour. “En Tu Camino” goes right to the source of the problem, offering investigated themes about leaving drug addiction, what happens if someone commits suicide and sexual relations outside of marriage.

During one program recently, team member Marcelo Fretes shared about his life as a drug addict and how his life was spinning out of control. He also shared of the hope he found in Jesus Christ that brought him out of that lifestyle. After the program one of the secular rock DJs asked it is was all true…could someone really leave a life of drug addiction? The Nazarene team of broadcasters has developed a friendship with this DJ and continues to share the Gospel with him and pray someday he will make a decision for Christ.

After airing a program about suicide and what happens after death, a woman called the station to get counsel about her son that had attempted suicide. Another young lady called wanting to kill herself. The staff of this secular station wasn’t prepared to deal with their problems and unfortunately the young lady did kill herself. This prompted the station owner to work with the Nazarene Radio team encouraging them to offer more programs that address these social problems. The Nazarene team is also developing a relationship with the owner, Julio, and had the opportunity to talk with him recently about Christ. They are praying Julio will accept Jesus and his gift of salvation.

“En Tu Camino” is not only impacting the lives of the listeners, but those that are part of the Radio Suburbania staff - board operators who listen intently during the program to DJs to owner Julio. Julio has agreed to air, without costs, the new Nazarene programs produced at the Regional Communications Center to further impact Southern Buenos Aires.

--World Mission Communications

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