Impacting Patagonia

Rev. Rodolfo Arnedo balances more than a usual pastor. Between his responsibilities as Senior Pastor at the Fuente de la Vida Church of the Nazarene and overseeing a Compassionate Ministries Soup Kitchen feeding 120 people lunch everyday (mostly children), Pastor Arnedo has the uncanny ability of relationship building. He has made in-roads into the secular world by simply becoming a friend to both secular politicians and the media.

Ministering in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, Pastor Arnedo came from Northwestern Argentina to this Ocean-side tourist community with a passion to reach the Southern most part of Argentina. In addition to his many duties, Pastor Arnedo adds not one, but two radio ministries to his busy schedule. Every Saturday he and his radio team can be heard from 10 – Noon on FM Jerusalem 97.5 with the program “Sanos Por La Palabra” (Healed By The Word). Through his relationship building this program is aired free of cost.

Also through the pastor’s relationship building, he now has 5 minutes daily on Radio Golfo Nuevo, the most listened to secular radio station in Puerto Madryn and a part of a rapidly growing network of stations in Southern Argentina. Pastor Arnedo and his radio team produce the 5-minute program “Punto de Contacto” (Point of Contact) in a small studio located in the church. His goal is simple...to share the hope of Jesus with everyone in Patagonia (the southern cone of Argentina). Whether it is preaching to his congregation, feeding children lunch, planting church, doing a radio program or building relationship, Pastor Arnedo is driven to reach Patagonia.

--World Mission Communications

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