11.9 Million Listeners

11.9 million listeners have heard South American Nazarene radio programs in the month of March 2004 according to Brian Utter, Regional Broadcast Coordinator for South America.

Utter, who is in the process of returning to South America after a short furlough in the U.S., has kept in close contact with the growing radio network he and his team have established in recent years. Brian reported he received an E-mail from HCJB, one of the world’s largest radio broadcasters, that their satellite network, ALAS, confirmed 125 affiliates are airing World Mission Broadcast (WMB) radio programs. Another E-mail arrived soon after saying 48 more stations were lined up to air WMB programs.

These statistics from HCJB, along with the current number of additional WMB local and regional radio programs, have revealed an audience of 11.9 million listeners in South America for March ‘04 (based on broadcast industry standards).

World Mission Broadcast radio programming in South America is just one part of the WMB ministry. WMB ministers through radio, television and internet programs in 79 countries, 35 languages, on 87 programs and 421 broadcasts. The ministry is completely supported by the annual WMB offering, traditionally taken in June by Nazarene churches.

As to the challenges an 11.9 million listener base presents, Utter shared, “We have a tremendous problem. I’m sure we will need to hire someone just to handle the follow-up to the now hundreds of E-mails that we are receiving from listeners.” Stay tuned….

--World Mission Communications

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