Broadcast Bring Deliverance

Immersed in a gang that dealt drugs and smuggled stolen goods, Edwin was far from God. This young Guatemalan joined the satanic sect “Servants of the Antichrist” and made a pact, sealed with his own blood, that he was willing to trade his own soul for power. He had reached the sixth of seven levels of occultism. In fact, he was a under a curse that said, “The day you talk about all this, your mouth will be worm-eaten.”

In this midst of dramatic circumstances, Edwin Ambrosio Quej received Jesus Christ as Savior. Now in Christian circles, he met a young woman, and they married. But to escape his old lifestyle, he moved from Guatemala City to Monjas, Jalapa. There Edwin found employment in a welding shop owned by Eden Zepeda, the program director of the Nazarene radio station, Faro Estereo (Lighthouse Radio).

Later, when Edwin had problems with his employer, they agreed that a public testimony was needed to break the curse. Five days of radio broadcasts were scheduled from 2:00 to 3:00 each afternoon. Señor Zepeda interviewed Edwin during these special programs. The listeners were warned to reject any relationship with occultist beliefs, and the two men emphasized that real peace and security can only be found in Jesus.

After the third day, people involved in the occult went to Edwin’s house during the night and left a symbolic threat on the door of his home. But he would not be intimidated. On the last day of the broadcasts, Edwin publicly broke the items, such as the half-moon, that he had used in satanic worship.

What happened that week in Guatemala is significant. Edwin experienced peace and deliverance by giving his testimony over the airwaves. And since many non-Christians listen to Faro Estereo, they heard about the deliverance that the gospel brings. Faith comes through hearing, and God promises that His Word will not return void.

The faithful and generous giving of Nazarenes to World Mission Broadcast is making a difference in thousands of people. And for Edwin it helped bring deliverance from the occult.

— Written by Wes Eby, mission education coordinator in the General NMI Office. Information provided by Eden Zepeda.

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