WMB South America – Going Beyond Traditional Airwaves

The regional radio broadcasts of World Mission Broadcast (WMB) South America are going beyond the normal airwaves to impact even more lives. Recently, it has come to the attention of the WMB South America team that the regional programs produced are being used in many different ways.

WMB Coordinator, Brian Utter recently spoke to the District Superintendents (DSs) of the Southern Cone Field about our ministry. Each DS receives WMB programs every month to utilize on their districts. Most DSs are finding radio stations to air these programs, but some have gone even further. Pastor Alberto Croce, DS of the Mediterraneo district, pastor of the Embalse Church of the Nazarene and team leader for the WMB assisted program “Rescate Familiar” (Family Rescue), is utilizing specific programs to introduce discussion themes during youth services at his church.

The WMB office also received an email from Pastor Adán Sánchez Paredes, DS of the Northeastern Peru district. Pastor Paredes and the pastors of his district use the programs throughout their district on seven radio stations. More interestingly is that the pastors also use the programs when calling on people in their community. They will share a program in someone’s home as a way of evangelizing.

Rev. Myriam Pozzi, Content Editor for WMB South America recently was invited to attend a roundtable discussion of Christian educators. Pastor Myriam is also a professor at South America Nazarene Seminary in Pilar. The round table took place at the Evangelical Christian School of Argentina. During a discussion on addictions among teenagers, Myriam played a copy of “Revolución Vida” (Life Revolution) that addresses this topic. The Director of Christian Education, Professor Claudia Belfiore, was so impressed with the program that she contacted Myriam later to ask about it. Now, “Revolución Vida” is being aired over the school’s PA system during recess to the 900 students. Professor Belfiore says, “the programs are enriching the highschoolers’ lives and are being used by the teachers as tools or examples in the classes of journalism and broadcasting.”

“We are amazed at the additional doors and windows God opens for WMB so all can hear of the hope that can be found in Him,” said Utter.

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