Thank God… Salsa!

Thank God for Salsa… salsa music that is. Radio Caracol is the largest and most popular radio chain in the country of Colombia. Cali, Colombia is the home of Salsa music, so how better to reach the secular culture but through the music they love. The World Mission Broadcast program “Gracias a Dios, Salsa” can be heard every Sunday night at 9:00pm in Cali, Colombia on Radio Caracol 1260 AM.

Alvaro Cabarcas and Charlie Cardona are the hosts of “Gracias a Dios, Salsa.” Both are active members of the Church of the Nazarene in Cali. Also, both are members of the popular secular Salsa group “Niche.”

“Niche” is considered one of the best groups in the Salsa music world. “Gracias a Dios, Salsa” showcases Salsa music with Christian themes and shares the hope of Jesus Christ. The program is rated number one in its time slot of radio programming in Cali and can be heard from the city buses to the Villahermosa Prison.

Alvaro and Charlie are making a huge impact not only in the Salsa music world, but in their country of Colombia. Charlie recently was in Argentina to make a guest appearance on a Salsa music CD being recorded in Argentina and stopped by the South American Regional Office and the WMB studios.

Brian Utter, Regional Communications Coordinator, South America

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