Emails Pour In As Listeners Respond to World Mission Broadcast’s South America Radio Programs

World Mission Broadcast South America receives hundreds of email responses each month from their radio broadcasts. The following are a few of those responses, each one giving evidence to the fact that people are listening and then reaching out for answers, comfort, and hope. When they do, World Mission Broadcast is on-line ready to respond.

“I really feel alone. I have a 14 year-old daughter and we have a good relationship. Her dad left six years ago. I can’t stop thinking about it and feel I need someone in my life, someone to share things with. I know God. I know He is with me all the time, although I don’t feel any solace in my life. Some days I am really sad and unmotivated. I work and I like what I do. I am a teacher. I await your response.” VG, 37 Guatemala

• “I want to know more about the life of Jesus. I want to know more about the purposes God has for women. I want to know how to lead a life with Christ.” LP, 24 England (Editor’s note: The Northern Europe Field Office is following up personally with LP).

• “I need prayer and to know more of Jesus. Today I listened to a program that talked about friendships with the opposite sex while married. I have a problem. My husband has a friend in whom he confides and tells everything. He even does business with her and she is always willing to talk at any time. He tells me it is nothing, but I don’t like this friendship. I want to hear more about this and what the Bible has to say. I have been praying that God would put a stop to this friendship, because it has caused many problems in my home. I ask for your help.” GH, 40 Ecuador

• “I frequently listen to the radio and I like to hear the counsel that you offer. I learn so much from them, especially from ‘Mujer Valiosa’ (Valued Woman). Today I heard a program about how sometimes we can waste our lives. I want to live my life fully. Thank you for touching our hearts with your advice. The teachings are excellent to put into practice for our lives.” PS, 39 Mexico

• “I am always looking for the truth. I have read about many religions, like Buddhism, Evangelicals, Mormons, etc. It is good that they essentially talk about one god. What is the difference with Buddhism for example? It appears to me that it is one of the religions that is closer to a god. They say that from a life of penitence in body and spirit you can reach full wisdom. I want to know what is the difference between them and you.” NM, 28 Chile

• “Why does God allow people to hurt me? I was raped when I was 11 years old. I was a Christian. I didn’t know if God can take care of me. I didn’t even know what had happened to me, because no one talked to me about how to have relationships. This hurts me deeply when I remember it and I don’t know how to tell someone. I have had relationships ruined because I can’t talk about it. This is the only thing that truly bothers me. I am really depressed. I need the words so I can tell others. I am scared, because I don’t have someone I can confide in. I await your help. I know that God can bless me. I pray that God will touch me and that your ministry continues to reach more people, to heal many hearts.” CP, 27 Peru

—February 9, 2005 – WMB South America – Brian Utter, Regional Communications Coordinator

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