Field Reports - South America

6.11.2008: The Amazon River, 62 Cities, 32,000 Tribal Communities...One Boat! more>>

4.16.2008: Milton from more>>

11.1.2007: WMB SAM Report - The Light of the World (Wide Web): Pedro Lorenzo has found a more>>

7.5.2007: Mujer Valiosa TV: Listener Reactions and Ministry more>>

7.5.2007: Radio Jerusalem finally receives broadcasting more>>

4.16.2007: World Mission Broadcast South America Launches Three New Radio more>>

3.12.2007: Hope in Medellin more>>

3.2.2007: Life of Drama - Nelly's more>>

8.10.2006: Preparing for Mujer Valisoa more>>

7.6.2006: Integrating Completely Into the more>>

6.27.2006: A Heart more>>

6.23.2006: E's more>>

2.16.2006: Integrating Completely Into the more>>

2.5.2006: An Opportunity to Begin more>>

3.10.2005: Broken marriages, broken lives... South American listeners reach out in search of more>>

3.10.2005: “A Way Back” World Mission Broadcast South America Prepares to Launch Second Compassionate Ministries more>>

3.10.2005: South America Broadcast Ministry Continues to Grow by Leaps and more>>

2.9.2005: Emails Pour In As Listeners Respond to World Mission Broadcast’s South America Radio more>>

1.4.2005: World Mission Broadcast South America Launches Children’s more>>

12.13.2004: WMB South America Participates in the International Fight
Against AIDS more>>

10.6.2004: Honduras Government Sponsors Nazarene more>>

8.17.2004: World Mission Broadcast South America Reaches Historical more>>

8.3.2004: Thank God... Salsa! more>>

5.11.2004: Going Beyond Traditional more>>

5.6.2004: 16 Million Listeners – 500 Stations – Listeners Respond! more>>

5.4.2004: Broadcast Brings more>>

3.31.2004: 11.9 Million more>>

3.15.2004: World Mission Broadcast hits the 8 million mark for Latin more>>

2.24.2004: Esperanza.Net - Hope for the more>>

1.2.2003: Nazarene programs air on 246+ more>>

12.5.2003: Impacting more>>

10.23.2003: Radio Suburbania - Going to the more>>

9.5.2003: A Call, An more>>

8.7.2003: Electrical Pole more>>

5.30.2003: Radio Team Supports JESUS Film Campaigns in South more>>

5.20.2003: From El Salvador to THE more>>

5.19.2003: South America Region Designates Day of Prayer and more>>

5.15.2003: “Help!” “We’ve Been Given a Radio Station... Now What?” more>>

4.29.2003: Radio "Tree of Life" Impacts the Jungles of Northeastern more>>

3.14.2003: Listener Testimonies from Stereo Bienestar Puerto Barrios, Izabal, more>>

9.13.2002: Medellin, more>>