Nazarene radio programs lead listeners to JESUS Film showings where they find Christ

- A JESUS Film ministry team in Guatemala reports: ?We give thanks to God for what He is doing in our community. People are coming to the feet of Christ through the JESUS Film and through the "Nazarene Hour" radio program transmitted in K'ekchi. In this area of our district, it is a joy to see men and women serving the Lord in their local church.?

- A ministry team in Peru shared Atiliano's testimony: ?I lived a disorderly life with bad companions and with bad habits. I had been planning for some time to flee from my home without knowing that God had planned other things for me. I went with my family to see the JESUS Film according to an invitation from the Church of the Nazarene made by radio. We went with the idea of amusing ourselves but what we received is a permanent joy. Now my plans are different. We all accepted Christ. Everything has changed. Christ changed it.?

Pray that this synergy of radio and JESUS Film will continue to bring people to Christ

--World Mission Communications

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