Radio Provides Years of Spiritual Support

In 1963, 13 year old Arcadio Lima lived in the community Cesacá of Alta Verapaz in the mountains of Guatemala with his mother, Marcelina; his father, Armando; and his ten siblings.  His family was religious, but they were not Christians.

One day they began to listen to the New World radio station from Guatemala City. Every day around mid-morning, his parents would gather and listen to a 15-minute evangelical program in Ke'kchi that caught their attention. Armando had never read the Bible. However, after hearing the radio program and with the desire to answer the questions his wife had about the apostles, saints, idols and other things the program mentioned, he bought a Spanish Bible, as the translation of the New Testament to Ke'kchi had only begun. Armando looked for and found the names and places the radio program mentioned, but it was difficult for him to completely understand what he read since he had only received a third grade education.

One Monday in September of 1963, as if sent by God, Vicente Och, an elderly layman from the Church of the Nazarene, visited the Lima 's home.  With the desire to fulfill the Great Commission, Vicente traveled throughout the mountains of Guatemala sharing the message of salvation from town to town.  

When he arrived at the Lima 's house, the preacher introduced himself to Armando Lima. He called his wife and said, ?Maybe this man can clear up your doubts.?  Marcelina served him supper and offered him a place to stay for the night.  For three days, they talked intensely about the doubts this radio program had planted in Marcelina's heart. The last day of their talks, Thursday night, on the porch of their house, Marcelina gave her heart to God.

In a church service on Friday Marcelina said that she felt sure that Christ had forgiven all of her sins and that in that moment if she died, she was sure that there was room in heaven, and that she would like all of her children to join her.  She was sorry for all of the incorrect teaching that she had given her children and invited them to give their hearts to Christ.

At 13 years of age, in the Saturday service, Arcadio and several of his siblings gave their lives to the Lord.  Sunday was the last service Vicente Och celebrated with them. Several more siblings accepted Christ making a total of nine of them who had made their decision for Christ.  Monday, the elderly gentleman left, never to return.

Marcelina continued celebrating services on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays as Vicente had recommended.  Concerned about their spiritual growth, they found the radio station HRBC of Honduras which transmitted the program ?The Open Bible? in the mornings and ?Resting with God? at night.  Later she discovered the program, ?Waking up with Christ? on the already-known radio station, Nuevo Mundo of Guatemala.  These programs spiritually fed Marcelina and her family for several years.

In 1967, Marcelina passed away, and young Arcadio left home to begin his independent life.  From the time he left home, those programs were his (spiritual) support.  Such was the relationship that he sent his tithes to the radio station TGN and his offerings to the program ?Waking up with Christ? of the New World radio station.

Later he began theological studies in the Bible Institute of Cobán, although several months later he returned to Chisec.  District Superintendent Alfonso Barrientos asked him to start the work in Chisec, which he began several months later.  Arcadio was pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Chisec for 12 years.  When he left in 2000, the congregation had grown to 600 full members. Rev. Arcadio Lima currently serves as Superintendent of the Franja Occidental District in Guatemala.

*The information for this story was obtained in an interview with Rev. Arcadio Lima in Guatemala City on April 10, 2006.

--World Mission Communications

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