Celia's Testimony

Last year Helmer J. and I gave some workshops on Emotional Recovery for the victims of the earthquake in El Salvador. During one of the recesses a woman participant named Cecilia came to me and said, “You are responsible for my being in the Church of the Nazarene.” I asked, “Why?” since I did not remember ever seeing her before.

Then she told me years ago she had written to the radio program “Facing Your Destiny” in Costa Rica and sticking her hand in her bag she pulled out a letter that I had written in response. She had saved that letter more than seven years! Many times I have asked myself if answering letters from listeners made any sense or had any benefit. Now I see that it does, and how many other cases will we never hear about?

Through Cecilia we have multiplied the ministry. Her husband is now a pastor and her two oldest children work for the Lord in the ministry called “Gift of Love” with mentally challenged children. Glory to God!

German Picavea
MAC Region

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