“Reaching Others”

After hearing a radio program on Faro Estéreo, a Nazarene radio station in Guatemala, Melvin Alvarez received Jesus as his Savior. He is now a member of the Church of the Nazarene in Monjas, Jalapas and an announcer on Faro Estéreo.

During a recent broadcast, Melvin told listeners that they can find a solution to any family problem if they come to Jesus and leave their situation in His hands. As the program concluded, the station’s phone rang. Sandra Patricia Lopez had been encouraged by Melvin’s words, and in her despair, asked “Brother, would it be possible for me to accept Jesus right here in my house?” Melvin told her that in was indeed possible. Sandra hung up the telephone, got on her knees and surrendered her life to the Master. About thirty minutes later, the station’s phone rang again. This time it was Sister Sandra Patricia Lopez sharing that she had been born again!

Today Sandra shares that her family problems are slowing disappearing. Her husband doesn’t allow her to attend church, so the radio station Faro Estéreo is her companion all day, everyday. It builds her up in the faith as she waits for God to work His miracle in the life of her husband.

Faro Estéreo is fulfilling the great commission. As the station reaches people with the Gospel, they in turn reach others for the Kingdom of God.

--World Mission Communications

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