“Their Needs Must Be Great!”

With a Christian background, and a husband whose family was Catholic, Ana had stopped attending church. Her husband and his family would not accept the Protestant religion. When Ana became very ill and was expected to die, her brothers came to be with her. During their stay they convinced her to give her life to Christ. But before they left, they searched the radio to find a Christian station for Ana to listen to. Soon she was tuned into to Faro Estéreo and listening to the word of God. As she listened and prayed, her health began to improve. Excited to share her experience, she invited the staff of Faro Estéreo to her home so that she could pray with them.

Seeing the change not only in Ana’s health, but also in her life, her husband Juan tried to contact Eden Zepeda (Radio Estéreo Program Director). In his attempt to meet with Eden, Juan walked a great distance from San Juan Salamo to the radio station, then to Eden’s home and back to the station to leave a message. His persistence caused Eden to think “their needs must be great!” Ana’s health need was indeed great! But even greater is the change in her heart and life which prompted the change that has opened Juan’s eyes to Jesus Christ. Juan has expressed an openness to receive Jesus and has promised to attend the Church of the Nazarene in Monjas.

Only God knows the true impact of the radio station. With faithfulness, the staff of Faro Estéreo and the many people who support their ministry continue running the race set out before them. They look forward to the day when, in the presence of God, they meet the many lives touched through their radio ministry.

Families are being changed one heart at a time through Christian radio programming. Needs may be great – but our God is greater!

--World Mission Communications

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