Radio Gospel Breaks Through

Fausto Asturias Torres, and his wife Alma Noemi Ventura, live in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Alma is a faithful believer. Fausto attended church when they began their life together, but due to his job as a salesman he traveled much and spent time with friends who encouraged him to participate in un-Godly activities.

As his personal conflicts grew and Fausto drifted away from the church, he didn’t receive counseling or pastoral care. He began to consume alcohol and narcotics and soon was constantly seeking the night-life in bars and nightclubs. Fausto was heavily involved with prostitutes and is amazed that he never contracted HIV or other diseases to which he was exposed.

Alma never stopped praying for her husband, even when he seemed out of control. Soon he stopped simply using drugs and began to sell them.

For comfort and guidance, Alma tuned her radio to the local Nazarene station, Stereo Bienestar (Well-Being Radio). Fausto tolerated the music, but was annoyed by the preaching. Over time however, he started listening to the messages, which began to pierce his heart. One day he made a decision to return to the Lord and restore his family life.

Fausto returned to the Lord twelve months ago. Today he is a member of a church in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Fausto and Alma Noemi give thanks to God for the Nazarene radio station’s broadcasting which God used to restore their lives and family.

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