Ricardo’s Lighthouse

In March, the church of the Nazarene located in Monjas, Jalapas, Guatemala, had organized a walk through the streets of the city as a public testimony. They walked and blessed each house, store, and property they passed by. They never imagined what was to happen as they blessed Ricardo Marroquin’s home and store.

Several days passed and as people went about their normal routines at the Nazarene radio station Faro Estereo (Lighthouse Radio), brother Melvin Urruela Alvarez called them on
the phone.

He said, “Here, beside the shop, lives a man who wants to receive Christ as his savior. Come right away!”

Knowing only that this person wanted to receive Christ, church pastor, Delmy Zepeda, along with her husband, sister-in-law Elda, and her brother Eden, hurried over.

When they arrived they found a completely drunk Ricardo Marroquín sobbing uncontrollably. At his side they found a radio tuned to Faro Estereo and a bottle of whisky.

Brother Eden wanted to talk to him about the love of Christ but Ricardo said, “Don’t say anything! Just pray for me. If I don’t receive Christ right now, I will die!” Eden led in a prayer of faith, threw away the bottle of whisky, and offered to hold a small service at Ricardo’s home the following day.

The next day youth from the church visited their new brother-in-Christ Ricardo and held a service in his home. Preaching from Acts 16:31, Eden said, “Brother Ricardo, you have believed in Christ and now you and your home will be saved for the glory of God." When an invitation was given, Ricardo’s wife Hilda Noemi received Jesus Christ in her heart. One of Ricardo’s workers happened to be standing in the door of the house during the service. Brother Eden looked at him and said, “You are also part of this home, and even though you did not choose to accept Christ tonight, I know that the word of God will be fulfilled and one day you will repent and come to the feet of Christ, because Brother Ricardo, head of this house, has believed.”

--World Mission Communications

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