Because of You

Fahed listens to World Mission Broadcast's (WMB) Journey of Hope radio program in Saudi Arabia. Rarely does a day go by when we don't hear about fighting, death and despair in many areas of the Middle East . However, Fahed shared the following testimony of hope and new life:

?I don't know how to start, but, I want to tell you that I am from the Saudi Arabic Kingdom and I always listen to your program. Two months ago I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and that was because of you. I will remain grateful to you for my whole life.

I spend a long period of my life searching for peace and seeking the real God. That was a a reason for me to worry about my eternal destiny. I finally found the real peace in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I wish all my family members, friend and neighbors could hear the good news. I want them to share this Joy with me.?

Thank you for your support of World Mission Broadcast. Brothers like Fahed are part of the Kingdom because of God's grace and the truth he heard on a WMB radio program.

--World Mission Communications

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