Drug Dealer?s Journey of Hope

?A few weeks ago I heard someone knocking on my door and I was surprised to see that it was Ali,? said Ayman Kafrouny, World Mission Broadcast's voice in the Middle East.

Ali is a listener to Ayman's radio broadcast Journey of Hope. He began listening while serving time in an Egyptian prison for dealing drugs. Becoming a regular listener, he also began communicating with Ayman via email posing questions about truth and Christian teachings.

After 20 years in prison, Ali was released recently and returned home to Lebanon. Striving to find his place in a society that had changed significantly during his imprisonment, he reached out to the voice he had heard so many times on the radio while incarcerated.

Ayman goes on to say, ?I talked with Ali and got in touch with brother Andreh, one of our pastors in Beirut. After meeting and praying with him several times, God answered our prayers and provided Ali a job in a library near us. By God's grace, we will continue to meet with him and teach him about his new life.?

Please pray for Ayman as he disciples Ali and helps him walk a new path of hope and holiness.


--World Mission Communications

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