“Ladder to Heaven”

Bengali Radio Program Helps Listeners find the
God of the Bible

Ashok Roy, from Jalpaiguri, India, is a listener to World Mission Broadcast's Swarger Shidi radio program. He writes, "I, my family members and friends listen to the Swarger Shidi program together and we like the program so much. We like the music, songs, messages and announcements."

Ashok also shared with Rev. Tushar Manna, Coordinator for Nazarene Bengali Radio, that he has personally found a transformation in his life as he believed in Christ - the Christ he heard about on the Swarger Shidi radio program. He went on to share that he has found peace and joy in knowing Christ and "the God of the Bible."

Meaning "ladder to heaven", Swarger Shidi is one of 80 World Mission Broadcast (WMB) programs airing worldwide. People are tuning in and, like our brother Ashok, they are coming to know "the God of the Bible."

June is the official month for the annual WMB offering. All of WMB's programs are funded solely by the financial gifts of churches and individuals. We ask you to be in prayer about the funding of this ministry, and to pray for our broadcasters around the world.

--World Mission Communications

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