Tilak and Christ – WMB’s Voice of Hope to India

“I used to listen to your radio programs in a lonely place where I used to be sure no one is around me, but now I listen to it openly. You constantly visited me and counseled me, and now I can confidently say that dear Jesus is my personal Savior. Jesus who is the only God who can change me, I repent for my sins, and God Jesus give me a new life. Now I have confidence that when I die or when you come I will have a place in heaven”.

Indian listener of WMB’s Tilak and Christ Radio Program

Tilak and Christ is a World Mission Broadcast Radio program airing in India and Sri Lanka in the Marathi language. Rev. Manohar Ingle, long-time broadcaster of Tilak and Christ sent in the listener response above and the ones below. Clearly, God is using Rev. Ingle and this radio program to bring hope and the Good News of Christ to the people of the region.

Continue reading below to see how other Indian listeners have been touched by the ministry of Tilak and Christ.

“I have a business where I repair the TV and the radio, I am a married person. I am confident that Jesus can save me from my sins, but I am scared that if I become a Christian my wife might leave me and my parents will not keep me in the house. They have no one but me to take care of them, thus please guide me what should I do?”

(Rev. Ingle notes: with lots of counseling and lots of correspondence now his wife and he himself are ready to become Christians and his parents are also ready to keep him in the house).

“I regularly listen to the program ‘Tilak and Christ’ I explain the program to my friends. Your program provides the necessary guidance that are essential for today’s society. By listening to your program my friends and my life has been changed, thus due to this program my parents are also wanting to know more about Christ”.

“My husband used to drink and beat me, my brother and my father also used to drink and cause trouble in the neighborhood. By listening to your radio program and the audio cassettes named ‘Ill Effects Due to Consumption of Liquor’ has really changed them. Now we all believe that Jesus is our only God and he alone can deliver us from this sin. But the people around us really mistreat us, they say don’t keep faith on the ‘England /American God.’ We truly don’t understand what to do, please visit us and guide us”.

“I am a tribal person, I have accepted Jesus as God by listening to your program, and nobody was ready to baptize me because everyone was sacred, thus I submerged myself in the name of Jesus and God baptized me. And now I openly spread the Gospel to all. Please send me some tracks and some useful books. I will read that literature and tell my people in our tribal language, Please pray for me and the listeners”.

--World Mission Communications

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