Journey of Hope for Middle East Listener

Asure is an Iraqi man living in Egypt and a listener to World Mission Broadcast’s “Journey of Hope” radio program. In December 2004 he wrote program host Ayman Kafrouny and shared, “Your program talks to me in amazing ways; every time I hear you I feel like you are talking to me personally.”

Tuning in regularly to the radio broadcast, Asure wrote Ayman again on May 6, 2005 saying, “I want to fall down on my knees before you to tell me more about surrendering myself to the Lord Jesus, because I feel shocked since I heard about that. I heard that Jesus wants me to die so He could live in me. Is this true?”

Asure continued by asking Ayman to “Please tell me what to do. Many times I tried to please God by going to church and doing good things, but I failed. Now I know that Jesus wants to come into my heart and that’s why He wants me to die. Oh, my beloved Ayman, please help me quickly… I don’t want to die, I want to love Jesus and live all my life for him.”

Asure is one of countless listeners to World Mission Broadcast’s new radio program in the Middle East. Reaching out over the airwaves, “Journey of Hope” is a weekly devotional and hymns program aimed at delivering hope and the Good News of Christ.
It is through programs like “Journey of Hope” that World Mission Broadcast is taking the truth, putting it on the airwaves and sending it throughout the world. Listeners like Asure are receiving it and their lives are being transformed.

Ayman does a great deal of personal follow-up and discipleship with listeners. On May 9, 2005 Ayman received this word from Asure, “In your last letter you mentioned issues I have struggled with even though I did not mention them. I’m sure the Holy Spirit revealed them to you. I have done some hard efforts to kill the old Asure that is in me. I want to tell you that now I know what Jesus really meant by killing the old man. Please keep in touch.”

Ayman’s faith in Christ and the truth he shares puts him in danger due to the volatile area of the world in which he ministers. Please keep him and our WMB listeners in your prayers as they seek the truth found on the “Journey of Hope” radio program.

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--World Mission Communications

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