Umfadi – Living in Bagdad – Converted to Christ

Umfadi is from a rich Iraqi family living in Baghdad. She comes from a very traditional background and believed strongly in the intercession of the saints – but she had a very weak knowledge of the Bible. As a listener to the World Mission Broadcast radio program, “The Nazarene Voice,” Umfadi was plagued with many questions about the saints and the Bible.

Letters went back and forth between she and the program’s host for quite a while until one great day when a letter came with the good news that she had “witnessed the truth” and had converted to Christianity.

That was three years ago. Now this woman is active in home meetings for women where she shares her faith often.

Pray for Umfadi and for all those involved in the radio program. “The Nazarene Voice” program carries the good news of Christ to the majority of the Arabic speaking world.

--World Mission Communications

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