Middle East Concert is Just the Beginning

On November 12-14, 2004, a 15-piece orchestra and a 30-voice choir backed up the voices of Maher Fayez and Ayman Kafrouny during a two night live concert event, the first project of the Nazarene Broadcasting and Communications Ministry (NBCM).

Ayman, the new Director of NBCM (a ministry of World Mission Broadcast) for the Eastern Mediterranean Field, and Maher, a religious song writer/singer from Cairo, Egypt, ministered to approximately 700 people during Saturday night’s concert. On Sunday afternoon they ministered to a standing room only crowd of more than 1000 people in The Apostle School auditorium in Beirut, Lebanon.

Sunday’s concert was broadcast live on Tele Lumiere (Light Television), a local Beirut station which is also broadcast over EutelSat (Satellite Television that covers most of the world and the entire 10/40 window*). Miracle TV and Life TV, which is the number one Christian TV station in the Middle East, will be re-broadcasting the concert in the coming weeks.

Ayman shares that “I am very excited about what God is doing through the avenue of communications in the Middle East. We expect to produce more such events sponsored by NBCM.”

“The ministry of Ayman Kafrouny is opening a new day for Nazarene broadcast ministry in the Middle East. I am extremely optimistic about the future and the work God will accomplish through Ayman and NCBM,” said Dave Anderson, Director of World Mission Communications and World Mission Broadcast.

Through continued radio programming, an active presence on the internet, live concerts and television broadcast opportunities, God is just beginning to extend His loving arms to those who are lost and hurting in the Middle East.

--World Mission Broadcast Eurasia

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