Running on Fumes

Recently the World Mission Broadcast (WMB) office was researching the current number of airtime minutes WMB programs broadcast the Gospel each month around the world. The Caribbean Region's French Field Director, Terry Ketchum, in reporting on the region's various programs, shared about Haiti's Bleck Church of the Nazarene and their radio ministry. Ketchum said the radio station is located in the church, and the pastor and the DS have been the driving force behnd it. When they were asked how often this Nazarene station airs their programs they responded "daily...as long as there is gasoline in the generator."

Bleck Church of the Nazarene's radio station broadcasts in an area of Haiti where other, larger evangelical Haitian broadcasters do not reach. And, it appears all they need in order to stay on the air is gas for the generator. Imagine what a few gallons could do?

--World Mission Communications

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